I cannot recommend Jenny Paxton calligraphy enough. She has made amazing gift tags, wedding accessories, and address stamps for me and my family.

– Gift tags: Jenny made gift tags when she started her calligraphy business. They were so beautiful (and so complimented) that the following year, I bought them as gifts for my family (huge hit!). We use them whenever we give a gift – classy way to say from whom the gift came.

– Wedding/Bridal: When I got married, it was a no brainer that I would use Jenny’s awesome services! Even though I’d moved to Ohio, I couldn’t find anyone with her quality and style…Everyone loved the place cards so much – my aunts/uncles took theirs to laminate for luggage tags.

– Address Stamps: After our wedding, came a name change … and I wanted a new address stamp for all our thank you notes! I searched high and low, but couldn’t find any with handwriting half as good as Jenny’s. I asked her and she was able to get a high-quality stamp made in her handwriting! Figured…while we were at it, I’d have gifts made for the family. Again, high praise from everyone. “Best looking address stamp” per my mother (and even though you don’t know her, mom compliments aren’t always given!).

 – Heidi